Monday, 1 August 2016

Deluxe Comfort

The fit for this week is comfort orientated. Showing you how to keep cool whatever the weather 


Here is a full photograph of the fit.

The jumper worn is from Zara, in its traditional pique material. Gives the jumper a fine finish, Aswell are being highly comfortable. The colour of the jumper really pops in the sunlight, giving the fit that added touch. Worn with the Gold Casio watch as it plays its part in making this fit have that standing out look to it.

The joggers are also from Zara, these are drop crotch joggers. So it's a little loose in the crotch area, but besides from that the fitting is slim, so it doesn't feel heavy if worn in warm conditions.

The cap worn is a Champion branded cap. Worn in this fit,as I thought it fitted well with the burgundy. It also brought in the black Tns to feature in the fit. As a personably note I'd suggest wearing black huaraches with this fit, due to comfort of the huaraches would just complete comfort feeling.

I'd give the tracksuit a rating of 8 out of 10, based on comfort which is of a high standard. The colour that comes out nicely in the sunlight. The final thing that I rated it on was durability which I scored it quite low, the only disadvantage of the pique material it isn't long lasting. It is prone to small holes forming due to washing, also wearing it frequently.

The Fit

Tracksuit - Zara

Watch - Gold Casio

Trainers - Nike Tns

Cap - Champion

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Camo 2 Piece.

This weeks look will consist of a simple, yet effective look. With the heat coming into full force, minimual layers is advised.

Let's get into the fit.

 The outfit is featured of only a two piece outfit, to meet the sunny weather conditions.

The shirt worn in this fit is from Boohoo, along with the shorts. It is currently on sale for £20 for the full piece. The camo went well in this fit as it was the type of camo that enables other colours to be brought in.  Which is used to introduce the Jordan 6s. On a cooler day you could style the shirt; with black jeans and a pair of camo trainers or black huaraches or Tns

Here is a another angle of the outfit, so you can see a closer look of the shorts and Jordans. In this photo you get to see what the 2 piece looks like in sunlight and how it shines well. In comparison to the first photo.

The Jordans in this fit are the Jordan 6 chromes. These aren't currently sold in stores, but can be purchased only on "Flight Club". The black colourway was introduced to this fit with the black that is on the camo 2 piece. I'd rate the trainer 7/10, purely because of the style of the trainer. It doesn't really supply much comfort, I'd advise going half a size down to get the best fitting.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Brown's Touch

The blog post for this week shall consist of a smart/casual fit. As well as it being a summer orientated outfit.
Let's get into the fit.

The bomber jacket worn is from River island. I personally prefer the jackets that Asos sell. Asos are more known for having better sales on jackets. It was the colour that attracted me to the bomber jacket, as it isn't a colour which you see everyday. The price of this jacket was £40 on sale from £60. The overall quality of the bomber jacket is of a high standard, you'd be able to feel the difference if you were to compare this jacket to any Boohoo jacket. In this fit the bomber jacket is colour coded nicely with the suede chelsea boots to give the overall fit a neat and stylish finish.

The biker Jeans being worn in this fit is from H&M, worn in previous fits. But worn in this to just add a brighter touch to this fit. 


The Chelsea boots are from Asos. They are low height Chelsea boots, many people prefer the normal height boots. Personally I don't really mind. These have been worn in this fit to match the bomber jacket worn in the look to give a well correlated colour scheme. These Chelsea boots are currently on sale on Asos for £18, alternatively the normal height Chelsea boots can be purchased from Ask the Missus. A Chelsea boot worn in a previous fit.
The T-shirt being worn in this fit is a Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt. Worn in this fit for the same reason as the blue H&M jeans, just to add a lighter shade to the fit. Any white t-shirt can be worn in this fit, it will still give off the same effect. Just to add a shine factor to the overall outfit.


Bomber jacket - River island 

Watch - Casio

T-Shirt - Tommy Hilfiger 

Jeans - H&M

Chelsea boots - Asos

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Back in Business

The blog post for this week will be the beginning of my summer look book. Which will consist of different fits, to fit the season. As well as England's unpredictable weather conditions.

Let's get into the fit 

The camo bomber jacket worn is from New look. Personally I prefer the bomber jackets with the zipped pocket on the arm. That version of the jacket is currently sold in Topman. This is the key part of today's fit as it is the lightest item in the look, so it draws the most attention. Also with this the bomber jacket it brings in the way for the black combination of this look to be successful. I'd recommend the Topman bomber jacket as appose to this one, although the shade of Camo is slightly different. The overall feel of the Topman bomber jacket is better.

The tech hoodie being worn is from my store Simplicity Unlimited. Worn in this fit to introduce the black colour scheme into this fit. The fitting of the hoodie is slim fit.

The jeans worn in this fit are also from my store. Worn to continue the black colourway scheme of the look. Each pair of these jeans are uniquely ripped.

The trainers in this fit are Nike huaraches. I thought let me bring these back for summer. This pair and the white ones are summer essentials. The comfort of these is one of the best out of my collection of trainers. I'd say the only trainer that has more comfort to it is the Nike prestos, which you shall see styled in future outfits.

Here is a closer look of the distressed jeans. As you can see there are serval cuts on each knee.


Camo bomber - New Look

Tech Hoodie - Simplicity Unlimited

Ripped Jeans - Simplicity Unlimited

Trainers - Nike huaraches 

If you are interested in any of the items worn in today's posts from my blog, click HERE to be taken to the website.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Spring Beginnings

This weeks post shall be Spring orientated. As we are in the spring season and the weather is getting warmer, I'd recommend wearing lighter shades of colours as it really shines out in sunlight.
Let's get into the look.


Here is a full photograph of the complete look.
From this photograph you can see all the lighter shade of colours really shine out in this fit, even more so with the use of black colours to draw attention to the over shine of white and camel. The Camel suede cap is from my store Simplicity Unlimited, which is colour coded with the distressed pullover hoodie also available on my store. These two items act as the middle man between the white and black colours in this fit, helping to bring out the glow of this fit successfully. Although this fit had various layers, most are thin and lightweight. 

The ripped jeans are from my store Simplicity Unlimited, each pair is made uniquely. 


Starting with the black longline bomber jacket, a sold out item from my store Simplicity Unlimited. The bomber jacket is lightweight which helps as the current season we are entering, the temperature is scheduled to rise so a heavier jacket would only cause additional hotness.

The longline shirt is also lightweight, this and the Adidas superstars are the two items which shines the most in this fit.

Here we have the Adidas white/black superstars. A spring/summer essential. Personally I believe these are a shoe collections much have, these along with white/ green Stans smiths go with anything. In particular in summer time when the sun is out and the beauty of the trainer really comes out when sunlight hits it.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, I'll be posting more regularly for the foreseeable future.

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Longline bomber - Simplicity Unlimited 

Distressed Camel hoodie - Simplicity Unlimited 

Longline shirt - Asos

Black ripped jeans - Simplicity Unlimited 

Superstars - Adidas 

Friday, 26 February 2016

3 Ways To Style Black Smart Trousers

This weeks blog post will be a little something different. Given from the title, you can tell what the post is going to be about. A spin off blog post on how 3 different ways to style black smart trousers.

Let's get into the first look.

The first fit shows a causal look with a mixture of colour to give a different vibe to it.

The khaki bomber jacket is from my store Simplicity Unlimited, worn in this fit to give way for the pullover hoodie to give this look a little bit of something different.

The camel pullover hoodie is also from my store Simplicity Unlimited. This look doesn't seem that it would keep someone warm in winter conditions. But I bet to differ, the pullover hoodie keeps you well insulated aswell as it being true to size.

The black smart trousers are from New look, the base of this post. Worn in this look to give a balanced vibe to this fit, with it being a mixture of casual, smart and stylish.

Black huaraches are worn in this fit to finish off the look with a comfy and casual touch to it, to finish complete the look in style.

Here is a photograph of the second fit.

This look would be a combination of smart with a hint of causal. Following the addition of the adidas superstars.

The Overcoat from Boohoo, is a big indicator of the theme of this look. Giving a smart touch to the fit. Personally I'd rate the overcoat 6/10 just due to the comfort not really being on the same level as a topman or river island over coat.

The white shirt is from topman, linking together well with the jumper from Simplicity Unlimited. The sunlight really helps bring the beauty of the two colours out and able to shine together.

The Black smart trousers are worn in this fit to follow up with the dark grey overcoat to add contrast between the light and darker colours. Also the smart trousers makes the addition of the adidas superstars fit in nicely.

The East Rivalry superstars I believe is still available at foot asylum, is the final piece in bringing this fit alive. As it is the reverse colourway from the original, it is suited to this look as the primary colour is black. The overall shoe would be rated 8/10 based on the fact is it a suede material, now becoming more common in most of the new releases of the superstars. Gives it a new vibe in comparison to the previously released pairs.

Another look of the the full outfit.

Here is a full photograph of the 3rd outfit of this weeks blog post.

Here you see the camel jumper from Asos really being bought out as it is the brightest colour of the outfit. Matching together nicely with my skin tone to make small details like my hands and Casio watch really glow. From my last visit to Asos i saw the jumper still on sale on their site for 18£ I'd highly recommend the jumper.

The bomber jacket worn in a previous blog post is from boohoo. Made from Neoprene material it is not something you see everyday, which gives it the edge from other jackets. I purchased it for £20, but boohoo decreased it recently to £18 although it's not much of a difference, every penny helps I guess.

The Stans smiths worn in this fit are all black. You can never go wrong with a pair of these. If anyone was looking to start a trainer collection, I'd always recommend starting with these. The original white & green colourway preferably, as they pretty much go with anything. 

The Cap is from My store Simplicity Unlimited, worn to correlate with the primary colour of this outfit.



Bomber jacket - Simplicity Unlimited 

Pullover hoodie - Simplicity Unlimited 

Trainers - Nike Huaraches 


Grey Overcoat - Boohoo

Smart shirt - Topman

Jumper - Simplicity Unlimited 

Trainers - Adidas East Rivalry Superstars 

Outfit 3

Bomber Jacket - Boohoo 

Jumper - Asos 

Trainers - Adidas Stan smiths 

If you want the link to any of the items worn in this fit or any previous fit, feel free to comment asking or email me by simply clicking the email button next to the comment section and I'll reply with the full link.

Website to my store is all the items are uni-sex

Friday, 8 January 2016

Camel Connection

This weeks blog post will be a follow up of last weeks camel's touch post. With another camel colour orientated fit. With this look being Stylish, so somewhat of a switch up from the smart look of last weeks posts.

Let's get into the look.

Here is a full photograph of the fit. The title indicates the theme of the look as camel orientated. With the look consisting of 2 camel coloured stand out items.

The camel jacket is from Asos. The wool fur gives it a rich touch, as well as giving the jacket and added shine as the camel colour really shows its beauty. This jacket is true to size so purchasing your regular size would be advised, as a smaller size would make the jacket tight on the arms making it stiff to move. A great feature about this jacket is that it is light-weight, so it can be worn in sunny conditions as worn in the photograph aswell as in winter conditions with a few layers being worn underneath. I'd give this jacket 9/10 as it's overall comfort is top notch, in addition to the beauty of this jacket gives this look a rich touch.

Here is another photograph of the fit, but the camo shirt is on show.

This is also an alternative option when wearing this look, if you feel the camel jacket isn't for you or the condition are too hot, a camo shirt would do the trick. Similar to the camel jacket the shirt's colour is really bought out in sunlight giving the photo a professional look. The camo shirt has been worn in a previous blog post, it is from River Island. I don't believe the currently have this item in stock.

The accessories in this fit consists of; a ring from Asos this ring goes well with the Casio watch in the look to compliment the shine of the entire outfit. The bracelet is from Aman London, a great store to visit for all your male accessories; all at affordable prices 

The biker jeans is from H&M worn in a number of previous fits, gives this look a stylish and street look. In which giving it a switch up from last weeks Camel's touch post.

The trainers in this fit are Nike Air Force 1 High "Flax" in wheat colourway. The colour of these trainers are absolutely impeccable, personally one of my favourite colours for a trainer; aswell as it being rare. When I got news thag folt asylum was releasing these, a quick purchase had to be made.

These are the stand out item in the look, in corresponding successfully with the other colours in the look to give an overall shine to each individual item of the fit.

Here is another view of the trainer as you can see the colour code between the camel jacket and the Air Forces, also complimenting my skin tone. I'd give this trainer an 8/10 personally because I am in love with the colour of the trainer. The minor issues with the trainer is durablity of it as it can crease easily, for example even wearing it can cause problems. In similarity with the SK8-Hi's you would have to undo a couple of the laces before putting them on, otherwise your foot won't actually be able to get into the shoe. The second issue would be that it can get stained very easily so I'd recommending purchasing crep protect.

The Look 

Camel Jacket - Asos

Camo Shirt - River Island

Biker Jeans - H&M 

Nike Air Force 1 High Wheat - Foot Asylum 


Ring - Asos

Watch - Gold Casio 

Bracelet - Aman London

The link to Aman London's website is a key feature with this site is that you can have direct communication. Also there is worldwide shipping.

Next weeks blog post will consist of a short Q&A session where I will answer questions that you may have fashion related for instance suggestions on outfits or direct links to items worn in previous fits. Or any general questions.

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